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Dispensing Pumps

The SL101  latest in digital controller technology with a clear digital display, the SL101 dispenses timed micro shots from 0.01 to 0-99.99 seconds. The digital dispenser has three modes of operation, manual, timed and cycling. Nine programs may be stored in the controller memory. Suitable for use in bench dispensing or integrated to an automated system.


TDSP501A-4 Multiple Output Dispenser - Timed Shot

The DSP501A-4 controller has the same characteristics as a DSP501A, but features ganged pneumatic outputs for multiple dispensing of up to four syringes or valves. The dispenser is controlled by a single press of the foot switch and the controller's timer takes control of the dispense period. The suck-back feature helps to prevent possible dripping or fluid drool.

PPD130 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser
Air free dispensing is often required for accurate transfer of volatile liquids, the technology is proven and the pumps are chosen to avoid hazardous substances. Operator contact is limited and the PPD130 can dispense shots between 0.01 - 6ml/min using Teflon tubing. The pump is reversible to provide snuff-back


 Vacuum Bench Pick & Place Machines

Many applications require a vacuum pick & place wand to be used in conjunction with a dispenser for adhesive, flux, glue, flux paste and liquid flux dispensing. I&J Fisnar offer vacuum pick & place systems using air only or electrically switched using a foot pedal.

SMD602A-CE Liquid Dispenser with Pick & Place

A bench assembly system that integrates a timed shot controller with a vacuum pick & place wand. Ideal for miniature component bench assembly such as in electronics, medical and jewelry jobs where the applications require adhesive and flux dispensing with precise placement of an article.


The AD93 dispensing gun has a similar operation to the JD927 hand dispensing gun, but dispensing is in increments of 1cc to 5cc, barrels are limited to the size of the piston in 35cc or 80cc models.

Finger Switches

Designed for operators who do not prefer the foot pedal control of the dispensing controllers, these finger switches can be mounted directly onto a barrel or cartridge for push-button control.


A squeeze trigger dosing gun for dispensing shots of most fluids. At the press of a trigger the plunger progresses through a syringe providing an accurate shot of fluid.


A pinch tube dispensing pen using polyethylene wetted parts making the dispensing pen suitable for solvent dispensing and cyanoacrylate dispensing.


A needle valve pen suitable for very small shots of low viscosity fluids that do not react with metal.


 I&J7400-LF    15.75" x 15.75" (400 x 400mm)

The largest working area dispensing robot in the I&J Fisnar 7000 dispensing desktop robots, these industrial robots are also available with a 4th axis. 7000 series robots interpolate in all axes for 3D dispensing of adhesives, silicones and UV Cure resins. It is also possible to have a vacuum pick and place system coupled with automatic dispensing to accept the part.