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Basic Type
Application areas: Suitable for lab and industry application
Features:Basic peristaltic pump with wide flow range, easy to use.



  • Precise peristaltic pump BT100-2J could be loaded with YZ1515X, YZII15, YZ2515X, YZII25, DG-1/DG-2 and DG15-24/DG15-28.
  • Flow rates:0.0002ml/min-380ml/min
  • Max. Number of Channels: 2 



  • Medium Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump BT300-2J could be loaded with YZ1515X, YZ2515X, YZII15, YZII25 and DG15-24.
  • Flow rates:0.07ml/min-1140ml/min
  • Max. Number of Channels: 2



  • Medium-High Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump BT600-2J could be loaded with YZ1515X, YZ2515X, YZII15, YZII25 and DG15-24.
  • Flow rates:0.07ml/min-3000ml/min
  • Max. Number of Channels:2


                                                                       WT600-2J - High Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump

  • WT600-2J High Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump adopts DC brushless motor and close loop control integrate circuit.
  • It features big torque, small vibration, high efficiency and maintenance-free.
  • WT600-2J with torque of 1.5 N.M can drive 4 single-channel pump heads or KZ25 pump head. it can deliver flow rate from 4.2 to 6000 ml/min.
  • Flow rates:4.2ml/min-6000ml/min
  • Max. Number of Channels:4



  • High IP Rating Peristaltic Pump WT600-3J is one kind of high IP rating and high-efficiency product.
  • It features a maintenance-free brushless DC motor and application of specific integrated circuit with big torque (1.5 N.M) and little vibration.
  • Flow rates:4.2ml/min-6000ml/min
  • Max. Number of Channels:4



  • Industrial peristaltic pump YT600-1J provides flow rates from 600mL/min to 11000mL/min.
  • Industrial Peristaltic Pump YT600-1Jhas high IP rating and stainless steel casing, which is especially suitable for industrial applications.
  • The pump speed could be controlled manually through control panel or be controlled automatically through external control interface.
  • Flow rates:600ml/min-11000ml/min 



  • JL350-2J Large Flow Rates Pump is ideal for high flow rates fluid transfer. The flow rate is from 1.3L/min to 15mL/min.
  • Large Flow Rates Pump JL350-2J is driven by the AC motor, and the speed is controlled through the frequency converter.
  • This pump is mainly for industrial application.
  • Flow rates:1300ml/min-35000ml/min



  • Miniature Peristaltic Pump BQ50-1J has small flow rate and compact size, which can be mounted on your equipment rack or panel.
  • The pump provides flow rates from 0.0002mL/min to 20mL/min. And the pump could be controlled through hand-held remote controller, external control interface or RS485 interface.
  • White and black casing are available.
  • Flow rates:0.0002ml/min-20ml/min